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Why you need a PDA

Some basic reasoning behind purchasing a PDA

Hey, is that one of those PDA things? That thing got Pacman?" Boy, I hear that a lot! Let me make it very clear that a PDA is more than a glorified Gameboy. You can take notes, look up a phone number, write and send and email and so much more. Alright, I do have Pacman (and about 30 other games!), but you're missing the point.

Let's start by explaining what a PDA is. PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant and, basically, it's a handheld computer. My first PDA was more powerful then my first desktop computer 10 years ago. You can see an extremely good timetable of the PDA in Elsewhere on the Web. The 2 main Operating Systems for the PDA are the Palm and Pocket PC (see related resources), but no matter the brand, the PDA has some basic features:

  • Datebook--This is most important part of the organizer.
  • You can input meetings, appointments, etc., all in basically the same format as a large, bulky Day Planner.
  • Memo Pad--A place to jot notes, write a book, whatever.
  • Calculator--Math.
  • To-Do List--Helps you accomplish those nagging tasks.
  • Address Book--Keeps track of all your important contacts.
  • OnScreen Keyboard--Lets you type with the touch screen and your stylus.
  • Grafitti(Palm)/Character Recognizer(Pocket PC)--Lets you handwrite instead of type.
  • Email--Lets you compose email and send on HotSync or wireless.
  • Backlight (most PDAs)--Priceless in dim lighting.
  • If you've ever looked at a calendar, jotted a note on a napkin, carried a planner , then a PDA is for you. There is also a lot of entertainment value in the PDA. You can find thousands of games to please any taste. There's software to carry your pictures, listen to music, watch a movie, you name it!

    PDAs have a tendency to intimidate non-computer types, but for most people the learning curve is easier than using a home or office computer.

    Be sure to really explore this site, read the articles, chat, read the forums....I'll help to educate you and excite you about purchasing that first PDA or upgrading to the latest and greatest thing. Once you own a PDA let's do a little programming, a little tinkering, and just have some fun!

    Enjoy !

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