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20D Secrets...

20D Secrets...

From MikeLane
Okay so a magazine that I was flipping through had a story about the 10 best least known features of the 20D. I knew 8 of the 10 but 2 were a welcomed addition to my arsenal. I should say that I'm certain that these won't be a surprise to everone, but maybe there are a couple of folks out there like me who didn't know about these.

1) Custom Function 16 "safety shift in Av or Tv" set to 1:Enable. This is most useful in Tv IMHO (although I usually am in Av). If the current shutter speed or Aperature is unsuitable for a shot, it will automatically adjust it. And if the subject brightness changes suddenly and current settings are unsuitable, the camera auto shifts to obtain proper exposure. It's kind of handy if you ask me.

2) Everyone always says that you shouldn't set the camera to shoot in black and white. However, if you shoot RAW + JPG in black and white mode you will get a black and white JPG and a Raw that retains all the color information. That's great news in my opinion since I can now feel free to experiment with in-camera B&W (and the associated "filters") without sacrificing access to a full color shot.

Anywho, I just thought I'd share those with everyone.
Y'all don't want to hear me, you just want to dance.
I think this is a good idea
I think Popular Photography had something smilar

Here's some of mine
c.fn #2 is set to on for noise reduction

c.fn #4 is set to 0 which is default I think but I use this a lot
I meter the shot with my thumb then autofocus with my index finger and take the shot

c.fn #8 is on so I can use iso 3200

c.fn #12 enable mirror lockup for nightshots
I usually set the camera to timer then it's a shorter wait for the 20d to trip the shutter

No real secrets here but its a start
What's your settings ?


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